Monday, September 28, 2015

A Slow Week...

Well, this week was another slow week, and so I feel like I don´t have much to share. The feria is going on here still, with lots of rides so it seems like there still aren´t very many people at home or in the streets. It rained every day and so every day I got completely soaked, and it has been really cold so its all just been super fun jajaja but it is also all apart of the mission experience! 

1. So, one night we were walking home, and were a little far from the house, when this guy in this car, with his wife or something and just randomly asks us, "estan seguras que estaran salvos" and " Estan listas a estar ante de Dios si El vendria ahorita?", in english, are you sure that you will be saved and are you ready to meet God if He came right now. They were interesting but valid questions, but the thing that was funny was what he did next, just citing a bunch of scriptures from the bible and talking about how all we need to do is believe. We tried to talk to him and explain that it is not just believing but also doing. But he just kept citing scriptures about how all we need to do is believe and we will be saved.... 

2. We were contacting this family as we were walking in the street and asked them there names, the older lady, probably the grandma, told us her name was Micaela, and then her granddaughter sitting next to here also told us her name was Micaela, and the daughter told us her name was Maria. Okay, that is fine, all is well, but moments later another lady walks up and tells us that Maria is her sister, and when we ask her name she says Maria as well... okay, well then I guess you all are just Micaela´s and Maria´s it was funny. We always seem to catch people in their lies even without trying.
Sherlie and Antoni
So, these guys are a young couple that we have just started teaching, and were references from some people in the ward in Las Americas, and they are pilas! They have so much potential and I know that they are going to get baptized!

We have only met with them once, but Hermana Feliz and I are already in love with them, I mean they are just so cool and have such a strong desire to learn more about the gospel. 

In our first visit with them we had planned to just get to know them and to give them a brief introduction to the restoration, but we ended up teaching like half of it. And they totally understood it! As we were explaining they would just keep nodding their heads and then say, and ask questions and then be like oh okay, so that makes a lot of sense. We left them a pamphlet and the next day when we passed by to just see how they were doing they had already began reading it, and Sherlie had already finished it. PILAS!

We invited them to come to church and they said yes, that they were interested in coming, and so the Hermano, who gave us the reference arraged to pick them up. When we called them on Sunday morning they said that they were still coming and just waiting for the Hermano to stop by and pick them up. But there were some problems and church started but they never showed up. Later, we found out that the Hermano didnt actually know exactly where they lived, and was driving around trying to find them, at the same time that they had walked out of their house to try and find him, and I guess just never ran into eachother. And the hermano didnt have their phone numbers to call them either... ugh, it was all just a bit of a diaster, but they were understanding and are going to come and watch conference with us this weekend. As well as tonight we are going to have a FHE with them and a bunch of other members from the ward. 

But, please keep them in your prayers. They have a lot of potential and I can just see them getting baptized and entering the temple to be sealed! They are already having trials already as the pastor from their church told them that he loves them and wants them in his church. But we shall see about that :)

well, that is it for the week, not to exciting. But I just want to let all of you know that I love you guys and appreciate your support and prayers. Even though I am far away, I can feel them and am so grateful for such a strong support system and family!

los quiero!

Hermana Loo

Just a bunch of random picutres. With a pig, in Olinte, with Hna. Aguilar (excuse the wild hair) and with some random huge apples that this guy in the street gave us jajaja made me think of the one time at home that the elders came over to eat dinner and the one elder freaked out by the huge apple that mom had bought jajaja

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